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Wireless MOB (Man Over Board) that STOPS boat engine automatically

Intelligent Man Overboard System that STOPS the engine

In a world where electronics surrounds us it’s almost incredible that the corded cut-off switch still exists: MOB+ is an electronically controlled, wireless engine cut-off switch which can be used on all boats. It has finally arrived, the engine cut-off switch which gives the user not only all the benefits of electronics but freedom and additional safety as well.

The MOB+™ Wireless Man OverBoard system is an innovative, life-saving safety device for your boat. It provides greater freedom of movement than a traditional kill switch lanyard and stops the boat engine should you fall overboard.

Up to four xFOBs can be connected to the xHUB™ at the same time, with one unit acting as the captain’s stop unit, and the additional three as alarm units for passengers.

Your personal lifeguard

The corded kill switch is rarely used as it ties you to a very limited space onboard. With MOB+ Wireless Man Overboard System you regain freedom – without losing safety.

The xFOB is your personal lifeguard at sea. Being placed in the accompanying xBAND or xTAG, the xFOB unit does not inhibit any movement or motion. Should you fall into the water the boat engine(s) will stop in just one second.


Should you fall overboard the MOB+ will stop the engine because the wireless connection is lost when submerged in over 4 inches of water, even if you are still within 50 feet/15m of your boat.


If you get out of the wireless range of MOB+, whether by falling overboard in the water or walking away from your boat on the docks, the engine will stop.

General information about the system

As you step aboard your boat, press the xFOB to connect to the xHUB. A green light and an audio signal will confirm the connection and the engine can be started.

If you fall overboard the engine will be shut down, caused by the xFOB being under water or more than 50 feet/15 mt from the xHUB. Six seconds after shut down, passengers can restart the engine to save the person in the water.

Fit Design

The xFOB is designed to allow you to decide how to wear it. You can choose to wear it on your wrist, with the xBAND, or around your neck or clipped to you with the xTAG. This unique design allows you to decide how you want to use the MOB+ Wireless Man Overboard System.

Battery life time

The xFOB has up to 300 hours battery life time when connected. Battery type: CR2032

Automatic timer function ensures the unit does not remain turned on should it be forgotten on the boat.



As always the cost depend on the boat. But, usually, the price of the equipment and the installation is less than 1.000€ (VAT not included).


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